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George Harrison Week (x) // Day 3

{} After scoring a record deal with EMI, and especially after appearing on the American talk show The Ed Sullivan Show, The Beatles’s career took off. The final, famous lineup featured Paul McCartney on bass, John Lennon on rhythm guitar, Ringo Starr on drums, and George on lead guitar. George was deemed “The Quiet One,” as he appeared more mellow next to the other’s louder personalities. Famously, fans began to pelt George with Jelly Babies candies after he mentioned liking them in a 1963 interview.

George’s first original song (“Don’t Bother Me”) appears on the band’s second studio album With The Beatles. He contributed 22 songs overall, including The Beatles’s second most covered song, “Something,” which was inspired by wife Pattie Boyd and which Frank Sinatra declared to be “the greatest love song of the past fifty years.” Notably, George helped popularize the use of the sitar in rock n’ roll, first implementing the instrument on John’s “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown).” Toward the end of the band’s reign, George began to feel his original songs were being overlooked, as Paul and John only “allowed” two or three on the albums. As such, George built up a stockpile of rejected songs that he would later release as a solo artist…

  • Track Name

    It's Johnny's Birthday

  • Album

    All Things Must Pass [Disc 2]

  • Artist

    George Harrison


George Harrison - “It’s Johnny’s Birthday” - All Things Must Pass

Arranged and recorded by George (and Ringo) for John’s 30th birthday. They presented it to him on 9 October 1970, and apparently a session tape exists, in which John happily exclaims, ‘GEO—R-G-E!!’ when George arrives.

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